Are Chromebooks the iPad killers?

Every day tablets lose more and more market-share, while Chromebooks start to gain terrain and show possibilities to substitute them. So, are Chromebooks the new tablets? Are they going to kill the iPad lineup?


Chromebooks: The tablet killers.

Back in 2011 when Google first introduced the Chromebooks it was hard to think that it would become a very successful venture. The idea of living out of the Chrome browser on an exclusive manner was a bit frightening to some. But, as time went by Google added a ton of functionality to Chromebooks via extensions, offline apps, etc. But, at Google IO 2016 Google went all out and added Android Apps full support  to Chromebooks, making them much more useful to much more people.

That is where the future of tablets becomes more precarious, because now Google has a substitute for them, a real substitute.

Let’s take the Asus Chromebook Flip, it is a 10.1 inch device with a physical keyboard and a touchscreen, and it flips (yeah, I know, the name clearly states it) to become pretty much a tablet.

Now, there is no need to have a laptop and a tablet, because Google just gave us the option to get both on one device.

Android tablets are dead for sure, because with $200-ish you can get a capable enough Chromebooks that will now be able to run Android apps and games. Google made a smart move to establish themselves in both markets: the PC and the tablet one.

So Android is out of the tablet fight, Microsoft did the same when it launched the Surface lineup to compete in both the PC market and the premium tablet market. Apple is the only one that is fully committed to its tablet lineup.

To be honest, the iPad’s days are counted.

It is the truth, Microsoft was already trying to hit the iPad with their convertible offerings. And now  Google is seriously turning up the heat, because while there are many cheap Chromebooks for the masses, we are starting to see more premium creations by OEMs. Chromebooks like the HP Chromebook 13 are stepping up the game, ’cause for the same price as an iPad Pro 9.7 you get more functionality and power.


Source: Digital Trends.

The iPad is starting to become a very small niche product. The only reason I would recommend an iPad Pro is if you are a designer or something like that needs the Apple Pencil to draw or do something like that. Other than that, I believe that a Chromebook is a better buy.


Source: Slash Gear

Apple’s decisions in the near future are going to be key if they want to salvage the iPad, but they are on very dangerous territory.

So, to answer the question, are the Chromebooks iPad killers? For the most part, yes. However, the decisions that both companies (Apple and Google) make today are going to mark the future of both offerings.

*If you are interested in any of the products I’ll leave a link for you to buy them.






And that is about it for this post. What do you think? Are Chromebooks iPad killers? Let me know your opinion in the comment section below!


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  1. Esther says:

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  2. Jacklyn says:

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  3. Jan Toonen says:

    Having both Chromebooks and iPads to us it is not the one or the other but both serve their purposes. Browsing news, Google+, checking mail is for the iPad. Writing mails, ordering on the web, spreadsheets that is Chromebook.

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  4. I have everything from iPads to chromebooks, to nexus devices and windows machines. I find myself increasingly reaching fo my toshiba 2 chromebook and getting annoyed at more cumbersome devices. I gave the iPad to the kids and even they prefer the samsung galaxy tablet and the chromebook. Soon the iPad will be obsolete in our house. Any more families like me and the iPad lineup could see some definite shrinkage.

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    1. Brandy says:

      It’s always a relief when someone with obvious exrpstiee answers. Thanks!


  5. Android tablets are struggling but I am not sure about the iPads yet. Apple has a distinct market and it will be difficult to shake that. Having said that, there is no doubt that the Chromebooks are a major force and growing day by day.

    We will wait and watch.

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    1. Yes! I agree, iPads are not going down easily, but I think premium Chromebooks could make a good argument, though.


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