App Review: AppLock.

Hating how everybody just messes around your phone clicking stuff you don’t want them to, and seeing pictures that were kind of private? Yes, I hate it too.

You can always add a password or a fingerprint lock on your lock screen so that people can’t open your device without your permission. But what if you let them use your device? Lets say you let your friend grab your phone so he can watch a couple of pictures, or maybe he needs to send a message, or make a phone call because their phone died on them. That is when , maybe, they start poking around your phone without your knowledge and/or approval.

There is a way you can block access to specific applications so whoever was looking to mess with you gets no access to sensitive stuff on you phone. Here’s where AppLock comes in.


“Make privacy great again”

First things first: Interface

The interface is nice, because it uses material design to make things friendlier. It is actually very Play Store-like with the options on the top part (you’ll see the pictures below). I like the interface, no problems there.


So let’s talk features, and AppLock has a lot.

AppLock supports fingerprint lock, but unfortunately my phone doesn’t have a fingerprint scanner, so I couldn’t test that :(. However you can also go with patterns and the good old number password.

Screenshot_2016-06-26-13-28-26If you happen to have an Android phone without a fingerprint sensor you might like the following feature. AppLock has this “Random Keyboard” feature that scrambles the number keyboard every time you open a locked app, so that no one can memorize where you tapped.

This is a great feature to have and I really like it.

AppLock has some other useful features to offer, like a photo and video “vault” where you can hide images you don’t want anybody to see. It also has profiles so you can block different apps (or just unlock all apps) depending on the situation. There is also this “cover” mode, as they like to call it, so that when you open an app that is locked it will appear to be malfunctioning. You will need to know the pattern to get to the next layer of security of your choice (pattern, password, fingerprint).


AppLocker has quite a few customization options, like the fact that you can download a few low quality themes, but I wish there where more, and that they were more high quality. I like, however, the fact that you can customize your theme by changing the background image and the keyboard color, so we’re good.  My suggestion is to stick with the stock theme (which is the cleanest) and customize the background image and the keyboard color to make it look better.

In the end I really liked this app locker and I think I’ll be sticking with this one for a while.


TL;DR: A great app locker that has quite a few tricks up its sleeve.


What do you guys think? Do you use an app locker or do you prefer just a secure lock screen?


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  1. deerlula says:

    Nice post. Thanks for sharing. It is really effective!


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